For Adoption. Patrick

Patrick needs a home! He is an extremely handsome very shy 1 + year old boy. He was found living on the grounds of an apartment complex this past winter. He has been in foster care since then and while some great progress has been made, he is definitely not a candidate for our adoption center in Petco as it would be much too overwhelming for him.
Patrick needs a safe quiet home where expectations are not set too high for him. He is not a lap cat, and may hide if he feels nervous or scared. He does like to watch birds and other wildlife from the window and he does like a good game of play with a wand toy.
Sadly, many times with TNR, cats are returned (after spay/neuter surgery) to the area in which they were originally trapped where they live out the remainder of their lives. Every so often there are certain cats that do seem as though they are not feral, and there is a chance that they can be socialized and go on to a much better life. This was the thought for Patrick. Please help us to help him go on that better life. He just needs a little patience and time to become the great cat that we think he can be. If you think you can provide that safe loving home for our Patrick, please contact us via PM or email at

Rescuing this one cat may not change the world, but it will change the world for this one cat.

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